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We help screenwriters and filmmakers hone their skills by providing interactive and inspirational training events and supportive networking opportunities with others in the industry. 


Welcome to Phoenix Screenwriters Association, Inc. (PSA), we are glad you stopped by. Please feel free to browse our site and check out all the cool things PSA has to offer. From networking events like industry Q&As with top film professionals, to writing classes with working screenwriters, to local events for our budding screenwriters, we have much to offer.

Imagine sitting in front of an Oscar winning screenwriter while he tells you how he fixes issues with his screenplay or film finance professionals who teach you how to raise money for your film or getting a lecture from an agent who will teach you how to pitch your story or taking a class from a million dollar screenwriter. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because those are a few examples of events we’ve had.

We believe that in order to get better as a writer or filmmaker, you must learn from those who have succeeded in the past. It is not enough to “want” to be good, you need to “learn” how to be good. PSA is all about the “how to” of film and screenwriting. Whether through classes, Q&As or locally led events like table reads and screenplay analyses, we aim to educate. Excited yet? Good. Come join us and be part of the magic that is PSA.


Membership matters. And it also has priviledges. We offer two levels of Membership. As a member, you will find perks that save you money.  Join us today and check out why Phoenix Screenwriters Association is the preeminent screenwriting organization in the Valley.


We’ve got events…from table reads to screenwriting courses to Q&As with industry professionals, PSA is ALL ABOUT EVENTS. Check us out and see why Phoenix Screenwriters Association is the preeminent screenwriting organization in the Valley.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we won’t waste your time with telling you how much fun our events are. Check them out for yourself and see why Phoenix Screenwriters Association is the preeminent screenwriting organization in the Valley.


Check our blog out and see what our writers are saying. Whether you want writing tips or industry tips, our blog has you covered. Come see why Phoenix Screenwriters Association is the preeminent screenwriting organization in the Valley.

About Us

Phoenix Screenwriters Association (PSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating screenwriters and filmmakers of the future. Through our networking events, screenwriting courses and industry Q&As, we bring Hollywood to Phoenix.

From Our Blog

Say What?

Say What? -Listen to your dialogue- by T Severe, Ph.D., Screenwriter/filmmaker   Ugh! Getting dialogue right can be a challenge. No wonder so many screenwriting workshops focus exclusively on writing strong dialogue. It really is so critical. How your character speaks...

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Tools of the Trade: Tale of Two Writers…

A Tale of Two Writers... by Jessica Brown, Screenwriter and Board Member of Phoenix Screenwriters Association   It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, a time to panster and a time to plot. But in the end the writers both engineered a great story, because...

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To Be Quite Joe: Every Day is a First Impression

Every Day is a First Impression By Joe Quirk Everything we put out into the public will be someone’s first impression of what we create.   Stand-up comedians who have the benefit of some fame from other media like tv or movies will tell you that the goodwill of fame...

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Writing Your Cabin in the Woods

Writing Your Cabin in the Woods by Joe Gruberman I think that everyone should write a “cabin in the woods” script. It’s a good exercise and serves the greater purpose of forcing you to write within constraints. To qualify my statement, not every cabin in...

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? -Adding character to your character- by T Severe, Ph.D., Screenwriter/filmmaker   Naming your story’s characters is often fun, but it can also serve your story.  As you know, Final Draft has a name database which is extremely helpful.  You can also...

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