Aug 13 2022


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Breaking Through Your Writer Blocks: The Only 2 Secrets You Need to Know

Get your draft done—without fear holding you back

You have an amazing idea for a movie. Youre sure that if it were turned into a film, it could rival the gems that Hollywood has produced.

Trouble is, youre having difficulty putting the idea thats filling your head & heart onto paper.

Something always seems to be blocking you. Things dont come together the way youd like them to.

Maybe its because you spend your writing time…

· staring at a blank page, with no idea of what to write

· doing anything else (e.g. cleaning the fridge, perhaps even the ceiling fan), and by the time you finish those tasks…theres no time left to write

· worrying about the Hollywood gatekeepers who might prevent you from selling your script, or alternately, dreaming about what youll do with the money youll make when your script sells

Or maybe its because…

· the enthusiasm you had when you were writing page 1 has faded by the time you reach page 45

· in the middle of a writing session, you take a break in order to return to writing feeling refreshed…but you never quite make it back

· youve spent years jotting down notes on your story—all the images, dialogue snippets, and scene ideas that came to you—but havent yet taken the plunge and started writing a draft

Whatever the reason, fellow scribe, theres good news.

It doesnt have to be this way.

You can start writing (instead of avoiding it all costs); you can stay in your writing chair (instead of abandoning it).

You can end your writing sessions with a big smile because of all the progress you made.

You can submit your work to agents and competitions without the fear of rejection hovering over your shoulder.


Through the two secrets that H. R. DCosta (founder of scribemeetsworld and author of How to Write a Screenplay Now) will share with you on August 13, 2022.

Along with transforming your writing career with these two secrets, you will also:

· calculate your writer success score (and identify areas of improvement)

· convert fear of failure into excitement to write

· learn how to stop agonizing over harsh criticism or 1-star reviews

· learn how to use Amazon to get better at writing and selling stories (hint: this doesnt involve buying craft books, although those are helpful too *wink*)

· recognize acts of self-sabotage for what they are (instead of falsely believing youre engaging in actions thatll benefit your writing career)

· understand why you dont need to worry about gatekeepers keeping you out

· realize why using willpower to be more productive is utterly futile (and what works instead)

· + MORE!!!

Sign up today for this special PSA presentation with H. R. DCosta, break through your blocks, and get started on creating a new life for yourself as a writer…

…one with less fear and stress; one with more courage, more confidence, and more joy!




A graduate of Brown University, H. R. DCosta almost became a lawyer—twice—because it seemed easier and less scary than doing what she really wanted: to be a writer.

Thats why shes on a mission to create mindset and plotting resources that will enable screenwriters and novelists to hold fast to their writing dreams…even when life tells them to let go.

For inspiration; practical writing tips; and her popular resource, the Ultimate Story Structure Worksheet (which has been downloaded over 37,000 times by writers from around the world), she invites you to visit her website http//


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