Sep 09 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm



Establish Yourself as a Brand: How You Can Creatively Make Money as an Independent Artist

Webinar Summary

As independent creatives, most of us have probably accepted our fates as “struggling artists” until we “get our break.” Still, even getting our break isn’t a guarantee for success and financial stability. There’s so much hustle and wait in this industry, but what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could take control of opening the golden door to success? This is an industry full of opportunities for those who are willing to engage in the entrepreneurial grind of building a profitable entity within the film industry. If you’re willing to bet on yourself, you can no doubt lead a fulfilling life as an independent artist.

The two greatest challenges preventing people from fulfilling their dreams though, are often undervaluing themselves and quitting early. It’s important to learn and own your value and what you bring to the table if you want to set yourself up for success. There are strategic steps you can take towards monetizing your skills and creative ways to find revenue (trust us, it is out there!), but you have to be honest with yourself, be willing to put in the work and stand by your worth. Through iteration, practice, and time, you can even scale your skill(s) into your own business. With the right tools, resources, and motivation, you too can set yourself up for success as an independent artist.

Jacob Matthew is the producer of the hit Netflix film LESS IS NOW. He is also the co-owner of the global production company and film agency Booklight. At Booklight he has expanded the agency’s global reach in international film production by working with creatives and brands such as Netflix, Open Table, Comedy Central and Twilio. Jacob believes that when creatives are given permission to work in an environment that is as healthy and encouraging as it is disciplined and detailed, their creative ceiling can have no bounds. Booklight’s explosive growth is due, not only, to its co-founder Chris Newhard’s obsession for quality, but also to Jacob’s own unwavering pursuit of organizational health and clarity.

In this unique webinar, Jacob will share his story of success as an independent producer, and teach you how to find your value while accepting some brutal truths. He’ll also give you a realistic look at the industry today, and guide you on establishing your brand, what and how to charge clients based on your value, and train you on how to build your wealth while managing risk and growing your client list. This course will give you the basic, high level tools to propel you on your journey to leaving your day job and carving out a space for yourself in this industry.

“We all make the mistake of thinking that the term “filmmaker” is a noun, a title to be achieved. We are wrong. A filmmaker is a verb. We film-make everyday that we wake up and decide to do something that moves our film forward. We film-make everyday we look in the mirror and tell ourselves we are on the right path. We film-make every time we encounter an obstacle in our way and choose to get creative. I look forward to teaching you how you can get creative and make a profitable career for yourself.”

– Jacob Matthew


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