Nov 18 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Screenplay Analysis: RED

The screenplay will be emailed

It’s common knowledge that to make a great film you must first start with a great script. But what is a great script? What elements make up a great story?

Join us Saturday November 18th as we review and break down the script RED. If you want to be a writer, it is not enough to watch films. You must read scripts as well. You must analyze the components of a script. Dissect the script and learn what makes it work.

This will be put on by Bill True (screenwriter and Faculty-in-Residence for Dramatic Writing and Department Chair at the esteemed Scottsdale School of Film+Theatre) and he will also discuss some issues you have with your work – be sure to bring questions and your thirst for knowledge.

In our discussion we will review:


Act One: (20-30 Pages)

Plot Point #1 (Forced to make a decision that changes the direction of the story)

What is the inciting incident/call to action (approx. 12 mins)?

(This spins the protagonist’s world out of sync).

Climax of the first act.

Ascending Action to the Confrontation

Characters at a crossroads and must choose a course of action. They develop a PLAN “A” based on necessity.

What are the main conflicts? (what is at stake for the protagonist?)

What is the Act 1 turning point (approx. Min 25)?

How does the antagonist really sock it to the protagonist at the end of Act 1 so the protagonist is forced to do something?

What is the midpoint?

Act Two – 40-60 Pages

Midpoint: Unexpected obstacle surfaces to help get our protagonists back on track (Plan A)

Protagonist stops reacting and starts ACTING

(Often a pivotal character is introduced as an agent of change)

False sense of security – then to plot point #2

Plot Point #2:

Lowest point in the story for the protagonist

The hook that spins action in another directions.

Point where “plan A” must be abandoned b/c it’s impossible to achieve

Protagonist’ goals come tumbling down.

Descending Action

Third Act: 20-30 Pages

Good climax’s resolve story and should be close to end of film.

**The above is provided at the request of participants from prior discussions. These are the structural elements we will discuss.

Join us for analysis of , and see what makes a great script.

We will email the screenplay when you RSVP

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