Jul 13 2024


10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Screenwriting and Filmmaking Workshop

As screenwriters, we all dream of writing the perfect script, sending it off “somewhere” and waiting for the phone to ring. DONE! Overnight success. Deep breath.  While such cases exist, the odds are against it. As such, many writers have decided to go the independent route and film their own work, usually in collaboration with others. With the cost of film equipment being within reach of many filmmakers, the possibility of producing your own film can come closer to becoming a reality with enough preparation and support.

This discussion is specifically for screenwriters and those interested in the film production process of turning a script into a film at the independent level.  It will first focus on considerations for your script, followed by a review of the phases of film production. 
The workshop agenda will be as follows:
Part A. Script Development and preparation
Part B. Producing a film
Detailed Agenda
Part A. Script Development
Among the topics we will cover:
-knowing when the script is done
-how to ‘tune’ your script for an independent budget
-script breakdown: how to markup your script to assist with scheduling and budgeting your film
-storyboarding your script (critical step)
-shot list
-several in-class activities will focus on overall script preparation
Part B. Producing a film
The workshop will highlight key elements and functions of Preproduction, Production and Post Production.
PREPRODUCTION (where 90% of the real work gets done)
-thinking creatively about staging
-take photos for storyboard
-talent agencies
-knowing what production team and crew are needed and how to find them locally
-scheduling, managing a set, working with talent
-contracts & releases
-production insurance
-audio corrections

This will be informal, with plenty of Q & A. Seating is limited to 25.  If you Sign up.  Show up!
About the presenter:
T Severe is an award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker and film composer.  He has served as a former board member of: Phoenix Screenwriters Association, Inc.,  Arizona Film and Digital Media Coalition (AzFDMC) and has served on an advisory board to the Scottsdale Community College School of Film + Theater and has been a speaker at various film events and panels.  He presently has 3 feature films in distribution
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