May 06 2023


11:00 am - 1:30 pm



The Homework of Screenwriting: The Outline

Congratulations – You’ve got an idea for a movie – so now what? It’s time to start the pre-work you need so you can actually start screenwriting. Chris LaMont, WGA writer and Professor from the ASU Sidney Poitier Film School, walks you through the disciplines you need to master – logline, outline, bios, beat sheet – before you should even consider writing your first Scene Heading.
This course includes a two-hour workshop and two mentors that will work with you over the course of a month in developing your next idea into the foundation you need to make your next screenplay and provide you with insight that will focus your work and enhance the skill of your craft long after this course is completed.
There are only ten spaces available for this workshop so register today!

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