Aug 19 2023


10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Writer•Director•Editor Three Interpretations of Your Story- One Voice

We often hear a film is essentially three different films: The one the screenwriter writes, the one the director directs and the one the editor edits. At each phase creative decisions are made in hopes of delivering a film that audiences will embrace. In most, but not all, film productions, these are three different individuals, although they collaborate throughout the film process. For screenwriters, knowing how the page translates through those other phases can be challenging especially for writers with little or no filmmaking experience.

PSA screenwriter and filmmaker T Severe, will share some practical insights he’s learned as fulfilling all three roles, writer, director and editor for his many films. He will suggest some ways to tighten a script so that the director has a clearer vision of the story, adding the necessary cinematic elements to interpret the story dramatically, and in turn offer guidance to the editor to finish the film. In the end, the goal is to have the film reflect a single, unified voice.

How a director uses storyboards and shot lists during the pre-visualization process to get the most dramatic interpretation of the script will be reviewed. Some insight into this process can be extremely helpful to writers especially when they go to do a re-write after the initial draft.

Participants are asked to bring some printed examples of scenes from scripts they are working on. Examples will be critiqued based on how a director and editor would handle the scene. Examples will be reviewed as time permits. Join fellow screenwriters for this informative workshop and discover the benefits of being part of our active screenwriting organization in taking your skills to the next level.

T Severe, Ph.D., is an award-winning filmmaker and film composer and former board member of Phoenix Screenwriters Association, Inc. and the Arizona Film & Digital Media Coalition. He recently completed his third feature film, The Darkening Hour, which is scheduled for a private screening in July. His last film, The Seed of Consequences, screened at festivals worldwide and is in distribution through Amazon Prime, Tubi and several other platforms. Prior to filmmaking, T Severe was a psychologist and adjunct faculty at several universities. More info at:

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