Sep 14 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Writers’ Insights Workshop – West Valley

Writers’ Insights** is a monthly workshop designed to help you gain better understanding of your writing. A friendly environment and wonderful moderator where participants will bring 10 pages of their work.

Constructive feedback is given as to how the readers experienced your story…what worked well, where clarity may be needed and possible solutions for a rewrite. We will cap the readings at 3 writers per session.

All characters should be marked /Highlighted before the workshop. Writer will present 10 pages to workshop. It is best to start with the TITLE, a LOGLINE, and pages 1-10. Each writer will get 30 minutes to present the material and receive feedback.
Workshop areas will include but not limited to: Title, Logline, page 1, pacing, introduction of characters, scene advancement, genre, relationship between characters, dialogue, subtext, twists, setup and payoff and others. Be sure to understand your Genre. First time participants will not present material but may be included in the workshop portion. Please respond in the comment section if you are bringing pages.

**Phoenix Screenwriters Association has received an AZ Organizational Relief Grant (ORG). Administered by the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the AZ ORG Program directs relief funds allocated by Governor Doug Ducey from the State of Arizona’s Crisis Contingency and Safety Net Fund in support of arts and culture organizations across the state.


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