Sep 06 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Writers Lounge

The Writers Lounge is back!

A monthly event with a casual and relaxed approach to the Writers’ Room, where writers come together to help each other with story and creative challenges.

Struggling with a log line? A scene? Or fighting with resistance? Are you battling with writer’s block or waiting for your muse to show up and help you write that winning script?

Come hang out with us. Drop in, help out, get help, hang around or zoom out. Tell us what you’re working on, share an interesting show you are watching and what you like about it. If you have pages you want us to read and give you feedback on, well that works as well. It’s all good in the Writers Lounge.

The Writers Lounge is now open the first Monday of each month from 7pm to 9pm (local Phoenix time). Please sign up through either Eventbrite or MeetUp.

**Phoenix Screenwriters Association has received an AZ Organizational Relief Grant (ORG). Administered by the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the AZ ORG Program directs relief funds allocated by Governor Doug Ducey from the State of Arizona’s Crisis Contingency and Safety Net Fund in support of arts and culture organizations across the state.


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