The Doctor will see you now…..

by Jessica Brown, Screenwriter and Board Member of Phoenix Screenwriters Association

While most of us dread going to the doctor, there is one doctor that every screenwriter should see. This doctor even makes house calls. He will sit by your side and wait patiently until you ask his advice. His prescriptions and remedies will cure what ails your writing each and every time. His name is Dr. Format (AKA Dave Trottier) and he is the author of one of the best all around resource guides for screenwriters titled The Screenwriter’s Bible, 7th Edition: A Complete Guide To Writing, Formatting and Selling Your Script.

I recommend this book to all screenwriters regardless of your experience or the number of scripts you have written. It consists of five books in one. This book alone, will take you through the five different phases of developing your story and the key elements of Storytelling, Revising scenes, the Seven Steps to a Stunning Script, Proper Formatting, and how to build a Marketing Plan and Sell
Your Script.

Dr. Format’s book is beautifully laid out. The table of contents will easily guide you to the exact remedy for what ails your screenplay, your process, or your formatting woes. Dr. Format even has a personal challenge towards the end of the book to give you a little pep talk about your career in writing and how to go out and conquer Hollywood.

Dr. Format has additional resources that you can purchase on Amazon or his website: He even hosts writers retreats up near his home in a beautiful area of Utah. His website has all the details.

So whether you are needing a sensible plan to jump-start your writing career, need help developing characters, writing action, or properly format your script, call Dr. Format. The Doctor will see you now.

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